Class Descriptions...


The Manchester School of Tae Kwon Do offers full workouts to all of our members.

Below is an explanation of class types. These are offered as a guide. The content of the class may vary.

Traditional class:
Students stretch and practice techniques at their own pace and may arrive up to a 30 minutes before class starts.

Instruction generally includes working on hand techniques (blocks, strikes, and grabs), stretching with a partner, or instructor led stretches.

Kicking combinations are done with partners, kick bags, or individually. Emphasis is placed on balance, mechanics, power, and speed. Following kicks, a short break is taken for rest and hydration. During this period, students may elect to break wood or concrete patio stones with the assistance of a black belt. Following break, students line back up and practice their forms. (Also known as "hyung" or "kata") Following forms, one-step instruction or self-defense is taught. (One steps are a practiced way to learn defense against an aggressor attacking you with a hand technique). The last portion of class is used for sparring. Sparring is non-contact. When sparring is complete, the class lines up and is dismissed. Classes can and will change from the pre-described format on a regular basis. Falling classes, weapon instruction, testings, and visiting instructors from other martial arts schools change the flow of the class.

Advanced Activity
This class will take advanced activties, such as forms review, self defense, point sparring, etc focusing on these activities in detail. Class is open to all students. needed.  

Concentrated workout:
Master Higgins will instruct all aspects of Tae Kwon Do, but on a more concentrated level.  Students can expect to spend an extended amount of time on one or more or the many different TKD techniques taught in a traditional class.  This instruction allows the student to better train him or herself for an extended time in a specific area of Tae Kwon Do.  The hour length also fits much better into the busy students schedule.

Karate Kids
A structured workout held each Saturday morning with instruction and activity geared to younger students.

Parents who are also members of MSTKD are encouraged to use the time for their own workout off the main area.