2nd Annual MSTKD Food Fight

November 12 2016
Middle School At Parkside
75 Parkside Avet
Manchester, NH 03102
Doors open at 8 am

The MSTKD Food Fight is a benefit tournament with a twist....Rather than pay a set participation fee based on events, we are asking all participants to bring a food donation (Suggested list below) which will support the New Hampshire Food Bank in Manchester NH.

How much you choose to donate is entirely up to you, your generosity benefits those in need and discomfort, a shared tenet in Martial Arts!

Spectators may pay a $5.00 fee instead of a food donation.

This is a great opportunity for students who have never competed in tournament to see what it's like, and for other students to practice and perfect their routines for the upcoming spring 2017 events!

Competition Events include Kata, Weapons, Breaking, and Sparring!

A concession stand will be open with tasty tournament food (But no fighting with it please...) Master Higgins also expresses his gratitude to the Pinardville Lion's Club for their continuing support and their generous donation of time and proceeds to support our events!

We will use the normal registration and information packages

For more information download the Tournament info package.
To register for the tournament download the Tournament registration.

PLEASE NOTE -- There is no TEAM COMPETITION at this event

I look forward to seeing you at the 2nd Annual Food Fight!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns...

Downloadable tournament info is in Adobe PDF format.  To download a free copy of Adobe reader click here

The Food Bank lists their Most Needed Items: