Frequently Answered Excuses...

Well.... I really don't have the time

A: This is the most common reason people offer for not exercising in general. The solution is a simple one: Schedule your workout time the same way you schedule business meetings, health appointments, school parent-teacher conferences, or other required tasks. Once it is on your calender, it blocks you from scheduling against that block of time you have set aside for yourself. When someone tries to make demands against that time, your answer is simply: "Sorry, I have an appointment at that time."

Keep this in mind: You'll never find the time, but you can always make the time! Why not make it your time?

Classes at MSTKD are held 3 times a week. You don't need to attend every class, in fact, classes are designed to accomodate busy people with busy schedules. Most classes take as little as 60 minutes! Check out our class schedule, then add us to yours!

Remember: Registration is ongoing, so you may join the class at your convenience!

Well.... Classes are expensive, I really can't afford it

A: When considering the cost to your budget, you should also consider the benefit. What exactly are you purchasing?
Exercise leads to better physical fitness, lowered stress levels, heightened mental concentration, and higher self esteem. That's quite a valuable purchase!

People who exercise regularly are less likely to get sick. In 2002, researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School followed 547 adults for a year and found that participants engaging in regular, moderate exercise showed a 23 percent reduction in risk for upper respiratory infection. The more often people exercise, the more protected from infection they become.

This also impacts financial loss due to illness, time away from work or school, and for inconvenient and costly medical appointments.

When you factor in health and well being benefits, you'll see what a great investment in heath it becomes.

The Manchester School of Tae Kwon Do averages 13 classes per session. This comes out to a cost of as little as $5 per class!
This is not only well below the industry average, but makes the study and practice of Tae Kwon Do both affordable and available to most people regardless of income.

Need a budget plan? You may discuss this or other accommodations with Master Higgins when you visit the school or contact us by email.

Well.... I'm really too old to get involved in such a physical regimen

A: No, you aren't!
Almost no one is too old or too frail to work out. Exercise can help stave off sarcopenia, or muscle loss, and prevent falls.
Balance and focus exercises, which are a core requirement for students of any age, are of particular value in this area.

You may want to start out by focusing on a smaller set of key exercises that work the lower body and are thus aimed specifically at preventing falls, for example, like front and side kicks to work the hips. Cardiovascular exercise helps people stay and feel stronger;

Physical exercise not only strengthens and renews the body at any age but relieves mental stress leading to overall better health!

In short, instead of feeling "old" you actually feel better!

Well.... I feel a bit intimidated, I don't want to do it by myself

A: It's not unusual when beginning a new program to feel like "everyone knows what they are doing except me!" Many people become reluctant to even open the door to the possibilities of success and better physical well being, just based on this false notion!

The important thing to keep in mind is that all those folks were once beginners just like you!

Want to make it more comfortable and more fun?....get a friend to sign up with you!
Better yet, make it a family affair and get your spouse and children involved!

Manchester School of Tae Kwon Do offers affordable monthly family plans and budget plans are available.

When you first begin training at MSTKD, you will recieve individual instruction to get you up to speed on basics like stances, kicking, punching, and stretching under the supervision of one of our qualified Black Belts. This provides the comfort level and confidence level that is the foundation for contiued learning and success!

Well.... I'm overweight, and I always end up quitting

A: The sad truth is that many programs offer something they cannot deliver: Exercise alone as a proven weight loss program

While the benefits of exercise may lead to some weight loss, it realy becomes a matter of intake/output. How many calories a day to you intake against how many calories a day you burn. Proper weight control is much more than just exercise, it is also about good health and lifestyle choices!

Some people who start an exercise program have trouble losing weight, only to get discouraged and quit. That's a serious error: according to a study published recently in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, regular exercise protects your health even if you don't lose weight.

The study found the reverse is also true: losing weight can help your heart, even if you're not as active as you should be.

"Exercise makes the heart less prone to arrhythmias, and it affects the sympathetic nervous system, which brings down your heart rate and allows your heart to work more efficiently," Dr. Lee says. "Exercise also lowers blood pressure and improves your lipid profile and glucose processing, even if you don't lose weight."

When you join the Manchester School of Tae Kwon Do, you will get the benefits of a good workout and good exercise, but we do not offer magic bullets.

Additionally, there are no contracts!
If you find the program is not to your liking, you are under no obligation other than the single monthly session you signed up for. Even then, you still benefitted from the exercise!

The Manchester School of Tae Kwon Do allows prospective students to enjoy a complimentary class. In the case of younger students, we require a parent or guardian accompany the student for the selected class.

So there you have it...

We've looked at and answered the 5 most common reasons for not working out, exercising, or signing up for a fitness program

...and now the only question is: Do you want a "good excuse" or a great workout?